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Junior Architect Internship

Gianni Ranaulo Design, Dubai

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Descrizione lavorativa

We are looking for motivated and creative candidates to join us for a 3 months intership in our office located in Dubai.

We are actually working on large scale projects, in different phases and located in different countries (mainly in France).

Shortlisted candidates will be those mastering Rhino, Grasshopper and Autocad softwares.

What we offer:

  • an opportunity to collaborate on large scale project located in different countries.
  • an apportunity to participate in the development of many amazing projects in diffrent phases of their life-cycles.
  • an opportunity to develop your conceptual and technical skills.
  • a professional and friendly office atmosphere.
  • an eventual hiring for those who prove themselves

Descrizione azienda

Over the years the practice has evolved with an increased workload across a broad variety of sectors and continues to expand into the international arena. New regions offer exciting new opportunities and we have been fortunate to explore these markets and open offices in Paris, London, and Dubai. Our embrace of exciting new technologies and a diverse skill base gives us an edge in an increasingly competitive market. Our staff exchange programmes keep our ideas fresh which provides our clients with a richer service and more engaging results. These are exciting times and we look forward to building on Gianni Ranaulo Design’s reputation for innovative design and signature solutions. We believe our company is unique, combining the best talents from across the globe to create a practice that can deliver design solutions that engage and excite, whilst remaining sensitive to local and regional requirements.

Proseguendo con la candidatura, dichiaro di aver preso visione dell'informativa per il trattamento dei dati di Gianni Ranaulo Design per la specifica posizione a cui mi sto candidando.