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Intecs Solutions S.p.A , Pisa


Descrizione lavorativa

Intecs Solutions Spa is an international leader in the design and development of applications, tools, software, hardware components and products for the Aerospace, Defence, Transport, Railway, Telecommunications and Smart Systems markets in collaboration with the main Industries, Organizations, Universities and European and Italian Research Laboratories. To best support our customers in their transition to data-driven decision-making, Intecs Solutions is looking to expand its Machine Learning Laboratory with a Senior Machine Learning Engineer to be inserted in its offices.

This role is open to candidates that are willing to relocate in Pisa (Italy).

The candidate will have the possibility to face and solve challenging problems in different areas including, for example: (i) automatic detection of acoustic noise sources in underwater environment based on passive sonar data, (ii) classification and/or segmentation of point cloud data for high-impact applications in collaboration with research entities, (iii) detection of safe passage of trains at railway level crossing, (iv) detection, tracking and explainable AI applied to road scenarios based on cameras installed on board the car, and many more.

As a Senior Machine Learning Engineer, you will have the responsibility to lead projects and supervise junior members of the Machine Learning Laboratory in their professional grow path and you will be involved in all the phases of a Data Science project lifecycle, with a particular involvement in the deployment stage and automated monitoring methodologies to ensure model reliability upon deployment and model efficiency over time.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Manage the whole software lifecycle from design and development up to deployment and production monitoring for cutting-edge Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Deep learning solutions
  • Write software that ensures high accuracy and speed performances, maintainability, scalability, reusability and reliability upon deployment
  • Mentor junior members of the team and supervise their activity
  • Manage technical projects with limited supervision
  • Read scientific research papers, re-implement them and customize solutions according to company needs and customer requirements
  • Present results in technical and business meetings, with the possibility of short travels in Italy and abroad
  • Draft technical documentations
  • Draft research papers for conference proceedings and peer-review journals
  • Draft technical proposals for national and international research initiatives


  • Problem-solving and critical thinking
  • Ability to adapt to changing and challenging scenarios
  • 3+ years experience using statistics and data science
  • 3+ years experience in developing machine learning models for classification, regression and clustering tasks applied to different problems such as for example time series forecasting, predictive maintenance and/or credit risk assessment
  • 2+ years experience in using CNNs for classification and/or detection tasks
  • Good knowledge of Python
  • Hands-on experience in the main packages for Machine Learning: numpy, pandas, matplotlib, sklearn
  • Hands-on experience in the framework Tensorflow with frontend Keras or, in alternative, in PyTorch
  • Hands-on experience in Jupyter notebook and one IDE among Pycharm, Visual Studio Code, Spyder or equivalent
  • Hands-on experience in application containerization based on Docker and Kubernetes technology
  • Hands-on experience in developing CI/CD pipelines (e.g. Jenkins, CircleCI, TeamCity or equivalent)
  • Experience in agile methodologies
  • Master Degree in Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics, Computer Engineering or equivalent with a degree grade of at least 103/110
  • Ability to present the results of the work to both technical and not technical audiences in a clear way and adapting oral skills depending on the audience
  • Good knowledge of the English language, both written and oral

Nice to have:

  • Experience with GANs for domain-to-domain translation tasks
  • Experience with semi-supervised learning applied to classification and/or detection CNNs
  • Experience with CNNs for segmentation tasks
  • Experience with Point Cloud processing for classification, detection or segmentation
  • Knowledge of Matlab and/or R
  • Experience with AWS or Microsoft Azure

What we offer:

  • Work with a growing team of professionals with different background and experience
  • Face technical problems in different technology domains from railway and automotive to defence and space
  • Hybrid work up to 60%
  • Restaurant ticket
  • Health care plan “Fondo Metasalute”

Note for applicants.

If you do not fit perfectly the job qualifications but you feel this is the right opportunity for you, that’s ok: we want to hear from you! We will evaluate together how far is your background and experience from what we really need.

Descrizione azienda

Fin dal 1974, la Intecs Solutions è specializzata nello sviluppo di sistemi elettronici complessi, la fornitura di servizi
di Ingegneria Informatica e la realizzazione di prodotti “safety” e “mission-critical”.
La Intecs Solutions è una società di ingegneria capace di soddisfare le principali esigenze tecnologiche dei clienti
attraverso la fornitura di soluzioni d’avanguardia hardware e software